Drunk passenger’s wallet stolen by train security guard

I read the article and felt distressed that anyone could be so stupid to risk losing their job and reputation for a mere £640.

As reported in the media a 50-year old train station security guard, stole the wallet of a drunken passenger. The intoxicated individual needed help to purchase his ticket, so he gave his bank card and, pin to the security guard.

She purchased the ticket but kept the passenger wallet, and bank cards proceeded to use the cards a dozen times to withdraw cash from the passenger account.

She pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud and given a community order to do150 hours of unpaid work and 20 days rehabilitation activity. Ordered to repay £646 compensation and £170 court cost.

I am appalled that she was, not given a custodial sentence. She is a very dishonest and untrustworthy person, abuse her position to steal from an intoxicated member of the public and for that she should have been, sent to prison.