Syrian family in Canada targeted by racist graffiti

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It is sad enough when one has to flee their country of origin because of ethnic cleansing and violence. But it is even worse when you are, accepted in what is supposed to be a democratic society, only to find that people are so racist and bigoted they make your life a living hell.

According to a media report, a Syrian man living in Winnipeg, Canada, found offensive graffiti painted on his fence, telling him to leave Canada. He stated that not only was he beaten but his kids have been threatened by other children telling them, that they will burn their life.

People are not born racist, it is a disease that has to be, learnt, and it is deplorable when kids take on racist and bigotted overtones, which they can only learn from their parents.

Families that are fleeing from oppression the last thing they need is to face with bigots. Sometimes I think we forget that we are human beings.

It would be wrong to believe that all Canadians are racist, in my opinion, it is only a minority of uneducated people who have nothing better to do with themselves, prey on the vulnerability of people that were, oppressed.

I have no doubts that there are organisation and the police that will ensure that this family get the protection they need from the racist idiots.