DWP major error leaves 70,000 disabled people short in their benefits

According to a media article, a significant error by the Department for Work and Pensions led to over 69,000 disabled people missing out on benefits estimated to be worth up to £20,000 each.

The error was, revealed in a new parliamentary report. A further suggestion in the media report states that the DWP department will have to pay out an estimated £340 million in arrears by April of next year.

It is disgraceful, the problems highlighted in the report demonstrate that the Conservative government has severely compromised our welfare and benefits system. Their attitudes and the manner in which they treated disabled and other genuine claimants that relies on the benefits system to survive, is outrageous.

A majority of people on disabled benefit or employment and support allowance are in dire need of every penny they are entitled to receive. Contrary to popular beliefs not all claimants are committing fraud, and the few who do is nothing comparing to legitimate claims.

This government and the selfish people who ran these departments do not care that their idiotic and inhumane policies cause more than one claimant to take their lives, fearing loss of benefits put them into depression, stress and anxiety and finally the taking of their life.

In my opinion, the Conservative government will do everything possible to make the benefits system as difficult as possible for everyone. Every social care that has been put in place by either a Liberal or Labour government, to help the most vulnerable within society this poor excuse for a government will try and dismantle.

The would if they could dismantle the NHS, unable to do that they turned their attention to the poorest, downtrodden and, those with a medical problem that prevents them working and is trying to destroy further what little dignity they have left by keeping them in further poverty.

A Conservative government, in my opinion, are an utter disgrace to not just the citizens of the UK but humanity.