Vote leave broke Electoral laws and fined £61,000

My Opinion

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If this revelation by the Electoral Commission does not give Theresa May another reason why she must call another referendum before she takes the UK out of the EU and creates damages to this country that will last for a generation to come, then she’s more foolish than I thought.

The ‘Vote Leave’ campaigners over-spent by almost £500,000, to mislead the electorate about NHS funding. They scared the people into believing that the UK send £350 million per week to the EU and, if we leave then that money would go to fund the NHS. It was proven to be misinformation, and nothing more than a dirty trick during the campaign on the future of the UK status within the EU.

I hope everyone involved will be, prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The Electoral Commission would not, in my opinion, refer ‘Vote Leave’ campaigners to the police without substantial evidence which demonstrates they broke the law. These people scammed the nation, they broke spending protocols to perpetrate a lie and because of that many electorates voted to leave, only to find out after the fact, they were lied to and leaving the EU will not be in the best interest of the UK and its citizens.

As a society, we cannot and should not allow any group or individual to breach laws that are put in place to ensure that transparency, fairness and honesty are, undertaken during referendums or elections. No political party should be, given an unfair advantage, or edge over the other and democracy only works when we play on a level playing field.

Of course, ‘Vote Leave’ spokesperson is going to try and discredit the findings of the Electoral Commission. It stands to reason that they have been, caught with their hand in the cookie jar, so all that left is for them to cast aspersion on the organisation that outed them.