31 year old man jailed for having sex with a horse

Every day this world of ours gets weird and scary. When you think that you’ve, have heard and seen it all another incident occurs which surprises you and makes one realise that more things are happening around us that will cause us to pause and take sharp breaths.

According to a media article a 31-year old Austrailian man has been jailed for having sex with a horse. When he was caught and questioned by the police, the man claimed the horse gave him consent because he winked at him and smelt his crotch. The perpetrator of this heinous act took that as given that the animal wanted to be, sexually assaulted.

It is unbelievable that not even animals are safe from these warps and disturb mind people. The horse’s trainer stated that the two-year-old animal was left traumatised by the assault.

In my opinion, and I could be wrong, but individuals that molest animals must be suffering from a type of mental problem. Ordinary people as we believe is the case would indeed not deemed it appropriate to have sex or marry animals.

Something is sickening, and it defies logic when a human being decides to sexually assault an animal in the same way they would do to another human being. I find the actions of these individual deplorable and crass.