E. Coli outbreak linked to mixed salad leaves

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According to the media report, two people have died following an outbreak of E. coli linked to mixed salad leaves.Mixed Green Salad leaves

There are further reports in the news that suggest that the Public health in England was investigating after over 150 people were affected by the bug.

Many people include a salad as part of their daily food intake, so this report is very disturbing.  Currently, an investigation has not yet determined or confirm the source of the outbreak. However, my limited understanding is that E. Coli is a bacterium found in animals and humans.  Apparently, most E. Coli strains are harmless except for one group which includes 0157: H7 that produces a potent toxin which causes food poisoning.

I am a concerned member of the public who love my salad and I, as part of each meal add a mix so any potential health problem would certainly make me very wary.   So despite the suggestion that we should wash our salad leaves, properly I will not be contented until the Health Authority find where the potential outbreak came from and ensured that no one else would be harm.

In the meantime all the public can do is to be vigilant and listen to media reports for the all clear.