Is the United Kingdom A Divided Nation?

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If anyone believes that the UK is not divided, then they are living in cloud cuckoo land, and the aftermath of this division is raising its ugly Diversityhead on our streets.

Since Brexit, the number of people that have been racial abuse as increased and there are reports to suggest that there is a 57% increase in racially motivated hate crimes.  These racial slurs aimed at black people, other Europeans, and White people, so it is right across the spectrum of individuals.

A typical incident is the report of a cyclist on his way to work; he was racially abused in an appalling way, he did nothing to provoke the sickening allegations that he was subjected to the names he was called was disgusting.

No one can deny that racism existed long before the Brexit results, but what has happen since this referendum is certain individuals believe they are given a blueprint to racially abuse others.

In my opinion, the heart of the nation has been ripped apart financially, economically and most of all racism, which is the vilest of all.  We should come together as a nation to ensure our stability instead we are divided because we cannot exist as a people.

Racism is a disease, and it must not continue to plague the 21st Century we should have moved away from this archaic behaviour, but instead, we seem to pass on the racist mantle to the next generation.  If we continue down this path, we are going eventually annihilate ourselves.

Diversity should be the linchpin of our society, our differences and cultures set us apart from the animals, and that is what should make us live in peace, be able to learn and grow from each other differences instead we are using our differences as a weapon to suppress another group, and that is diabolical.  It is time to grow up and embrace each other.