Honour Killing – What I am Furious

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According to the media reports, a social media star was killed by her brother in what is known as the honour killing. This individual was a Pakistan celebrity who recently cause controversy by posting a controversial picture of herself on social media.

What is honour killing:  It is an old act that against primarily female members of a family who it is alleged to have brought shame on the household. Women targetted by the males in their family and if the family decide that a female member brought shame on them, Christian religion, wine, bread and the word of Godthe individual will be killed.

What possible shame could a woman bring to a family that would allow her brother to strangle her to death?  How can anyone who call themselves a human being could wrap your hands around the neck of your sister squeeze the life out of her because she posts a picture of herself on a social media?

I am furious; I know that we have cultures that we held dearly, and our cultural activities are what set up apart it should be the link which creates a bond with other culture.  But I am livid and against honour killing, these very people who commit murder in the guise of honour killing claim that they are religious, and one of the cornerstones of religion is “Thou shalt not kill”.  

Honour killings have been around for a century and are not gender bias but until one educates themselves as to what can trigger these vile act one is in the dark.  I have learned that honour killings can be trigger by seeking a divorce, refusal of an arranged marriage, victims of sexual assault, allegations against a family member and homosexuality. Or you kidding me, this is the 21st Century and to believe that there are still countries practicings these out-dated methods and murdering their citizens, is unbelievable.