Equality Reigns, Chivalry Very Much Dead


US President in hot water with British Prime Minister

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The current controversy surrounding the physically challenged woman, whose reserved train seats was taken by men, they refuse to vacate Disabled person.the seats, one of the men believed he did nothing wrong.

There was a time when a man would willingly give up his seat for the elderly, women with children, physically challenged, senior citizens and a pregnant lady, not so much these days.  I have travelled on public transport extensively, and I have noticed that females are much quicker to relinquish their seats than male. 

What I have noticed is that although men and women will be glued, to their mobile phones, men tend to be oblivious to what is happening around them.

Chivalry is dead a long time ago ever since we believe that there must be equality between the sexes, there is, in my opinion, hardly any acts of chivalry.

It is rather sad, and we are not saying that women only need equality halfway, but that does not mean that an able-bodied individual shot not give up their seat to someone vulnerable,

In the situation that occurs on the train, even if the seat reservation, was cancelled.  The fact, that both men were told, that the lady had a disability they should have done the decent thing and relinquished the seats, and for one of them to say he was unaware of her disability, in my opinion, a poor excuse.