Tulsa Police Officer Charged with Manslaughter


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According to a media report, the Tulsa police officer that shot and killed a 40-year-old unarmed black motorist has been charged with Gun with magazine and ammomanslaughter.

Mr. Crutcher was standing near is broken down motor vehicles, in my opinion, he posed no threats or danger to the officers, and yet he was shot and killed, and allegations that he was under the influence of PCP and a vial, was found in his car, baloney.

There is no way anyone, including a police officer, can go around willy-nilly murdering members of the public, especially black members of the community then spin lies and innuendoes to justify their bad behavior.

Equally, when one look at the difference in perception between the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate and a Republican Congressman comments it is no wonder there are so many problems in the US.  The Democratic Vice Presidential candidate said that the ‘list of black men fatally shot by police had grown too long and the country needs to confront the issue of racial tensions.’

However, the Republican Congressman commenting on the protest that was going on over the death of yet another black man, his contribution is to state that the protester hates White people because  White people are, successful. He then apologises for making the comment, he his nothing but an idiotic, stupid twit.

How can we ever hope to bridge the gap between the police and the black community when we have so-called congressman making these ridiculous remarks, and these are individual that are responsible for ensuring that communities come together in unity.

The shooting of Mr. Crutcher was clearly unnecessary, and the officer made a grave mistake in her assessment of the situation, and it cost a human being his life, it would be commendable if she would accept responsibility for her actions and stop making ridiculous excuses.  It would repair the damage between both communities much more efficiently.