EU Leave voters describe themselves as ‘racially prejudiced’

As reported in the media Britons that voted in the referendum to leave the European Union are more likely to describe themselves as racially prejudiced, than those who voted to remain, new research found.

Apparently, the study conducted by the National Centre for Social Research found that 26% of Britons describe themselves as a little prejudice towards people of different races.

Another report from data collected by the European Social Survey, undertaken in 2014 revealed that 18% of Britons agreed that some races or ethnic group are born less intelligent – Poppycock.

I imagine that most people will read the article and some will dismiss it in its entirety and, others will question what’s new. Ethnic minority groups in the UK has been battling racism as long as they can remember and being born in, the UK you are not treated any better.

Societies that or built on institutional racism will never improve until every aspect of the racist institution is, dismantled. Prejudice and ignorance are what keep people from being the best they can be, prevent useful contribution.

There is racial inequality in housing, education and the criminal justice system. No one needs to tell any member of the ethnic minority group what prejudice does to you as a human being.