Muslims ordered to hand over Koran or face China’s wrath

Whether you believe in religion or not the notion that any government has the right to suppress religious beliefs is against human decency and should not be allowed in a modern society, even if Communism governs that society.

As reported by the media Chinese Muslims have been ordered to hand over religious items such as the Koran, prayer mats, or they will face severe punishment.

Apparently, the authorities are stepping up a campaign against muslin. The Koran has been, targetted because the government deemed it to contain extremists content.

It is, suggested that China has a campaign called ‘three illegal’, one item which affects publicity, an element associated with Islam and religious teaching.

In my opinion, what is happening with Muslims in Xinjiang, North Western China is against fundamental human rights. They are not only stifling religious beliefs; they are making religion a criminal offence, that carries a harsh punishment, ridiculous.

When a country oppresses its citizen whether, by religious or any other means, all that they do is raise the profile of dissent. When government are so scared that it believes suppression is the only way to control its citizen, they will eventually create civil disobedience.

Anything belief that is practice, if they are, pushed underground, they become dangerous, and that is in my opinion, a manner in which terrorism is, bred and how they flourish.