PM under fire as she faces Brexit pressure from the Tory party

My Opinion

One has to be amazed at the resolve of the Prime Minister. She is in trouble with her party but still has the time to take a swipe at Labour and its leader.

The PM, when she is not taking a pot shot at the Labour Leader, consistently, speak about her conservative vision of the country and how she wants it to work for everyone and not the privileged few. She must be in a dreamlike state if she believes that her vision is attainable.

Firstly, the Conservative party will not allow her to get anywhere near a country that benefits all because that would mean decent wages for working-class people, affordable housing, well funded NHS, a 21st-century welfare system that caters to those unable to find employment, or those that are incapable of working. Capitalism does not benefit from having those effective programmes.

Mrs May is under the illusions that capitalism is designed to accommodate the masses. A capitalist society is designed to keep a few very rich and the majority extremely poor. It bleeds the life out of the majority of people leaving destitution, poverty and homeless people.

Brexit will be a major discussion topic in the Tory conference, and it will not make life easy for the PM, especially when an estimated 50,000 people are preparing to protest at the meeting. The PM is between the devil and the deep blue sea, and either can tip her over the side.

The PM needs to focus on mending the rift in her party because concentrating on Jeremy Corbin no longer works with the voters from the result of the last election.