Far Right Groups Tends To Lack Humanity

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The recent incident in Charlottesville, Virginia that claims the life of a female civil rights campaigner brings to the forefront once again that far right groups, in my opinion, lack humanity and are a plague on a civilised society.

Racism, in my opinion, is a counterproductive act and one that no longer has any bearing in a 21st Century society, yet there are, those who tend to cling to their racist behaviour like a duck to water and in most cases, they do not know why they harbour such hatred for another human being.

One look at the Ku Klux Klan organisation, formed on the 24 December 1865, their aim to prevent the civil rights of African Americans, through rape, intimidation, hangings, and bombings. Their reign of terror extended to Jews and people supporting the Catholic faith. Despite all of their terrorist act society did not allow them to stop the rights of individuals are groups. They will tell you that they are proud of who they are, so why would you cover your face when you are committing inhumane acts, the only reason for you to hide who you are is that deep down you are ashamed of your idiotic behaviour and that I believe makes them cowards.

In a democracy, we have the right and freedom to express yourself, the ability to be what and who we are to be able to if necessary stand out from the norm, be racist, but what it does not give anyone the right to do is to physically harm another person because of the colour of their skin, or their religious beliefs.

I am sick and tired of the way in which we treat each other we do not like Muslims because we label them all to be terrorist, we do not like Blacks because believe all they do is commit criminal acts.  All of our archaic beliefs fuel the fire for so-called  Far Right groups to be able to commit criminal acts. This inhumane attitude to have supremacy over groups are individuals, are archaic unintelligence behaviour that some idiots on our planet think they should have.

History taught us that all tyrants are eventually defeated and good always triumphs over evil.  When one considers that the some Far Right groups tend to support and use the Nazi Swastika as their symbols then we realise how really juvenile they are.  Why would you use a symbol that the architect of it, was totally defeated, the biggest hater, in my opinion, was Adolf Hitler and we battered the hell out of him and those that choose to follow him?

Unfortunately, we live in a democracy and individuals are groups have a right to behave in a bigotted inhumane way, I respect the rights of everyone to voice their opinion but that should be it.  No one has the right to murder someone because of what and who they are even if they are as heinous as Far Right groups supporter.