Father jailed for fracturing baby’s skull

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newborn in hand

A media report, states that a 23-year old man , was jailed for beating his baby daughter so, badly he fractured her skull.

However, he insisted, even though he was, convicted of inflicting grievous bodily harm, he was innocent and do not know how the baby received the injuries.

According to the report, when called, ambulance crew found the baby floppy, not breathing correctly and unresponsive. She had a double fracture to, the skull, depressed split to the left side, bleeding on the brain and bruising to her left arm and face. The jury was, told that the injuries were consistent with being shaken and her head hitting a hard object.

Further reports, states the baby has made a full recovery, but her father is, jailed for something he denies. The fact that the baby sustains the injuries on his watch and the medical evidence supports the finding, it is hard to believe he was not responsible, I can agree with the report that he just lost control and cause the injuries to the baby.

Being a parent is hard and even with parenting classes we are still vulnerable when it comes to child rearing and losing one’s temper is not unique how we act is what defines good and bad parents.