German schoolgirl face death penalty in Iraq

A 16-year old German schoolgirl who leaves her country to join ISIS was, captured by Iraqi and now face the death penalty.

I cannot believe that the Iraqi administration would put to death a naive child, blinded by so-called love, which allowed her to do something foolish, like joining ISIS.

The media reported that this naive girl fell in love with a Muslim she met online. She was so besotted with this young man that she forged her mother signature on some documents which allowed her to end up in the hands of ISIS.

We are responsible for our actions as adults, but this is a child and one that made a terrible mistake. We do not, in a civilised society murder young people for making a mistake.

Apparently, the Iraqi government has learnt nothing about democracy, following the war. Otherwise, they would not be considering something so vile against a child.

The Iraqi administration needs to demonstrate that they are not a monster like their former leader Sadam Hussein. Let them show they have an understanding of juvenile stupidity; she may have committed a crime but not one that deserves the death penalty