Finsbury Park Mosque Terror Attack

My Opinion

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Once again the country woke up to yet another terror attack, this time perpetrated on worshippers at a Finsbury Park Mosque.Group of happy cartoon character

According to the media, a 48-year-old man drove a van into unsuspecting Muslim worshippers killing one and injuring several.  The suspect was heard screaming that he wanted to kill Muslim.

He was apparently, pulled from the van wrestled to the ground, pinned down until the police arrived and arrested him.  The way in which this report was outlined in the media one do not have to be a genius to know that this individual is a White Man, otherwise, his race would be splash all over the papers, and these are the kind of injustice that minority face in this country.  If this was a Muslim or Black person that committed this heinous crime, it would be reported that a Black Man or a Muslim used a van to plough into several individuals killing one and maiming others.

We know that violence breeds violence and although it is not right, we must appreciate that there are a number of people in our society that have no tolerance for what they perceive as an attack on their liberties by so-called Muslims and believe they should get a taste of their own medicine. However, the problem is that the fanatical aspects of the Islamic faith are not the ones that are suffering it is the ordinary Muslims that only want to practice their faith and live in peace with their communities.

They could have done untold damage to this man when they pulled him out of his van, yet they held him until the police arrive, I know that if the boot was on the other foot and it was a Muslim that was caught it is not a stretch of the imagination to say he would have been beaten, kick and most probably would be dead before the officers arrive.

I am so pleased with the restraint that the Muslim people show, they demonstrate that they are not the monsters that the world portray them to be and an entire community should not be judged by the few fanatical, idiotic and stupid minority among their people.