Doctors Are Not God And They Should Know That

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According to a media report, Great Ormond Street Hospital for children is currently treating a ten-month-old infant with a rare genetic nursery roomcondition, which includes brain damage, the child is currently on life support which they want to withdraw.

Apparently, the parents have lost their fight to keep the baby alive in the High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court in London.  The took their fight to the European Courts of Human Rights, they have been given a reprieve and Great Ormond Street Hospital has been told that they have to continue life support until midnight July 10.

The problems I am having with these doctors is the fact that these parents are willing to take their child to the United States for an experimental treatment that may or may not save the child’s life and the doctors are against the wishes of the parents as they believe that this treatment would not help the child.  They should not have the rights to determine whether the parents subject their child to a treatment that could help him.

Of course, the treatment many not work and the child may die anyway, but at the very least these parents can feel that they did everything humanly possible to keep their child alive and if these doctors or the courts take away the rights of these parents it will be so wrong.

Miracles do happen and no one knows whether this experimental treatment may work in my opinion, the parents have a right to try everything and doctors or the court system are not God and as such, they should not act as if they have a divine right to terminate a life.

This is a heart-rending story and I hope that the right solution is reached and the parents are given the go-ahead to take their child to the US.

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