Florida School Shooting, the innocent, continues to pay with their lives

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UK – Police Seized Zombie Style Knives

Metropolitan¬†police officers have seized so-called ‘zombie knives.’ in Islington. ¬†These knives have been banned, under new legislation which came into force on the eighteen August.¬† Anyone found in possession or those caught selling these knives […]

Seventeen more innocent students and teachers paid with their lives because of the US idiotic gun laws.

The shooter, according to media reports used a legally obtained rifle to cause death, mayhem and havoc on a school and its attendees.

Apparently, this is the 18 school shootings in the US since January of 2018. But, the most frustrating aspects of this is the manner in which particular politician respond when these heinous crimes occur.

When the US government or politicians fail to recognise the real cause of why so many innocent Americans children are being, slaughtered in schools and colleges, it is a testament to the greed that we come to realise is the backbone of our environment.

To blame their lack of responsibility, by suggesting that mental health issues are why these idiotic individuals are murdering innocent college and school children, demonstrate how ineffective those who are governing, in particular, the United States, are.

Whenever we have government or organisation that put profits before human lives that we will continue to see many more innocent people die unnecessary, so that cooperation can fill their coffers with blood money.

Democracy should be about protecting people and also involve the right to choose. However, when a choice has a devastating impact on the lives of others, we must ensure that we put in place the most effective protocols to protect the people.

The US gun laws are, in my opinion, stupid, idiotic and out-dated. But as long as organisations that deals in the sale of guns make huge profits there is no incentive to curve or efficiently control acquiring weapons of mass destructions.