Pub Landlord with collection of ‘Golliwog dolls’, had complaint make against him


There is no doubt that racism is a heinous dangerous and appaling human behaviour. We should, therefore, stamp out this attitude when it raises its ugly head.

However, not everything that someone does depicts racism, and sometimes we can become too politically correct, and in doing so, we lost ourselves and saw problems where they are none.

According to a media article, a pub landlord in Essex, with a collection of Golliwog dolls on display in the pub has had a complaint made against him by an anonymous customer.

Apparently, his wife was, contacted by the local authority. The Head of the licensing at the Council called to inform him that there was a complaint made against him and the same person has also reported to the police.

Firstly, if one believes that this individual was racist by displaying these Golliwog dolls, why would they want to report the problem anonymously, if you are so concerned then you should let the landlord knows who they are and why that bothers them so much.

Secondly, what does the police have to do with the matter, it is not like the pub owner is beating the customers over the head with Golliwog dolls or banning any from using the facilities of the pub because of their colour.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with someone collecting these dolls, and quite frankly I agree with the landlord if individuals find these silly toys so, offensive they should stay away from his pub, leave him to get on with his collection of Golliwogs.