Did the FBI missed an opportunity to stop Florida shooter?

The admission by the FBI that they missed an opportunity to stop Florida shooter is in my opinion, the cock-up of a lifetime. The people of Florida will feel the consequences of that missed opportunity for a very long time.

We will never know if the FBI had acted on the tip-off they received about the 19-year old Florida School shooter, would have prevented the deaths of 17 people. They may have thought that the tip was not worth pursuing.

Information such as that makes the public very angry. If the FBI had bothered to investigate they would have learned that the Sheriff’s office, according to the media report, was called to the address on some occasions. The calls were regarding mental illness, domestic violence, abuse and a missing person.

There is every possibility and not a stretch of the imagination that upon investigation the FBI may have removed any guns that were in the home given the information they would have had regarding the home environment. But, we will never know and can only speculate that 17 students and teachers lives could have been, saved.

I do not understand why the FBI would have done nothing after receiving such credible information about an individual that poses a clear threat to society and those around him. However, they did not follow through. Could the reason be that because the information was, passed anonymously, it had been, overlooked?

We wait with bated breath for the FBI investigation as to how this happens and what protocols will be put in place to ensure it will never occur again.