‘We hate Blacks’ chant at Nottingham Trent University, two men arrested

racist racism

It is no secret to the Black or ethnic communities that racism is very much alive in the UK. Minorities experience acts of racist diatribe on a daily basis.

However, the difference in today’s arena is the speed at which racist and their racism can be, exposed. We thank technology, Twitter, Facebook and all the other social media platform which allowed users to post and share acts of racism against a group or an individual.

According to a media article, two 18-year old men were, arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated public order offences.

Apparently, a student at the University posted, what is term a disturbing clip on Twitter which claimed that the incident was filmed at her door in the hall at Nottingham Trent University. Two men were singing a football style song and chanting ‘we hate blacks’, we are black haters and Black and White will never be together.

In my opinion, these two 18-year old are idiots, what planet are they residing? ‘Blacks and White will never be together’, are they aware of the significant number of Blacks and White relationships and marriages.

People who portray racism and act racist against other groups or in my opinion, stupid, idiotic, uneducated and their unjustified fear about another race. The racist cannot recognise that no one group could efficiently work on our planet. We need every group with their different skills to build an environment where we all can thrive and flourish.

Irrespective of the criminal elements in all race, the only way forward is by being united as a people. Multiculturalism is here to stay, that is one clock that can never be, turned back, and racist needs to get with the programme.

Read the full story here: http://metro.co.uk/2018/03/08/two-men-arrested-students-filmed-shouting-hate-blacks-university-7371308/