Former NASA research scientist says alien exist

A professor of physics and former NASA research scientist believes aliens exist and, many governments have covered up extraterrestrial encounters.

There is no doubt that a vast number of people will read the article which appears in the local news and, their first reaction is that the professor his a nutter. Another group who believes that we are not alone will be elated that an individual with such impressive credential thinks that aliens exist.

I agree with the ex-researcher when he states in the article, that humanity needs to face the possibility that UFO sightings could be visitors from afar. We should stop burying our heads in the sand and do much more research on the topic of UFO. If they are visiting Earth, it is obvious there is a reason, and that is what we need to find out.

It is crucial, in my opinion, that we stop believing we have or know the answer to everything happening in our environment. Governments need to stop lying to their citizens and, making out that individual who happen to come into contact with UFO’s are delusional and crazy.

There are thousands of UFO sightings all over the world. Of course, some may be a hoax, but there are good encounters, and they should be, effectively investigated not pushed under the carpet. Irrespective of what our respective governments want us to believe there is a growing feeling within our communities that UFO’s are real and, one day the evidence will present itself so clearly that it cannot be, covered up like they are doing now.