Virgin Atlantic will no longer support Home Office deportation

According to a media report, Virgin Atlantic will stop helping the Home Office to deport people from the UK forcibly.

It would appear that Virgin’s concerns came about following the illegal removal of the so-called ‘Windrush generation migrants’. They reported that the company had informed the government of their decision, which they believe is in the best interest of their customers.

Most G7 countries have an immigration problem, with economic migrants, and those seeking asylum from persecution in their native homeland. But, the manner in which we deport illegal immigrants must be above board, and we see how devastating for the families deportation can be when it is illegal such as the Windrush generation.

The government adopted a ‘hostile environment’ in their approach to tackling illegal immigrants and in doing so they steamroll over everyone without proper checks and balance, destroying information that was vital to ‘Windrush migrants’. In doing so they have separated at least 63 families illegally, they should never have been, deported.

In my opinion, Virgin Atlantic separating itself from the Home Office deportation scheme is a bold move. The hope now is that other airline carriers will join Virgin. We hope that Virgin decision will force the Home Office to bring in fair and effective policies for the deportation of especially economic migrant, and does not impact on the life of genuine, innocent and legitimate residents.