Former US Police officer found not guilty in shooting of Black Man

My Opinion

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The not guilty verdict of a former St Louis police, in the shooting death of a 24-year old ‘Black man’ has sparked a protest march in the city.

According to a media report, the former police officer elected to have a bench trial rather than a jury, as in my opinion he, most like knew that a bench trial would go in his favour, than a jury trial.

The number of black men murdered by the police is not a joke. When police officers are making comments such as ‘we only kill black people’. If I had a gun, you would be the first person I kill. The former officer was recorded saying he was going to, kill this young man and the judge found that acceptable.

If society, especially in the US, continues to ignore the deaths of young black men by the police demonstration will be the least of their problems. You can only push people so far.

The demonstration, or protest in St Louis which should be about people’s frustration with police officers getting away with murders, turns out to be about looting, property damage and deemed unlawful assembly.

It happens because not everyone who was demonstrating were doing so because of the verdict, and that is a shame. Idiots turn what was suppose to be the frustration of a city losing their children to police violence, into negative chaos and mayhem.