American gorilla glue skunk weed selling on UK streets

My Opinion

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According to a media report, a super strength strain of American skunk weed is now for sale on streets of Britain.

Apparently, demand for this skunk weed which first appears on the street of Birmingham is now a sort-after and profitable drugs.

It was, reported that a dealer from Birmingham told a local paper that everybody wants the gorilla glue and are willing to pay up to £40 per gram. The articles stated that the original gorilla glue skunk was, invented in Colorado.

I cannot understand why anyone would want to develop such a potent drugs, and equally why anyone would wish to purchase. In Birmingham, they are calling it ‘zombie’ cannabis because addicts would appear zombie-like when they smoke this type of marijuana.

Drug enforcement officer must do something to take this drugs off the streets; it is already getting to be an epidemic of which we do not need or can afford. Drugs breed crime, and if we do not curtail this drug, we are destroying our communities.