Post-Brexit Race Crimes Soar In UK Capital

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It has been just under three months since the UK vote to leave the European Union and racial tension as soar, especially in the Capital.Racism European living in London are experiencing racism on a scale not seen before.

The Brexit vote may have increased the number of racist activities that is occurring around the country, but the UK have and always will be a very racist country.  The racist focus their draconian behaviour on people who they believe are vulnerable and those who will not defend their rights to be in the country.

They have tried the racism crap with Black people, but soon realise the Black community were not having it, especially those who were born in the country, so now they have decided to turn their attention to Europeans.

The majority of the individuals that are perpetrating race crime could not even explain, adequately why they are targeting Europeans, except to say ‘you don’t belong here, go back to your country’ that is the level of their intelligence.

Europeans like any minority group in the UK have contributed enormously to the economy; they do not all come here for the NHS or the benefits systems, and that is a myth put into the public domain by unscrupulous bigots to rile up the racist in our community.

The racist unintelligent, sorry excuse of a human being knows, exactly who to target; there are other minority groups in the UK that they would not attempt to bring their racism to  They focus on young families with children to hurl their vile abuse against force these people to live in fear of their life.