Gangs using school children as drug mules

Is there no low that criminals will not sink to when it comes to pursuing their criminal activities.

According to a media report, London gangs are targeting and using children in their school uniforms, as mules to ferry drugs around the country.

Apparently, teens are, terrorised by so-called kingpins who are sending them by train to destinations across the country trafficking their drugs.

Of course, it is not a surprise that these individuals are targeting the Black and minority communities, they are seen as vulnerable, love, money and are, easily bullied into being a drug mule.

I find it unbelievable that if the media is reporting on this then obviously the police must be aware of these drug barons that are corrupting our children and turning them into drug mule as such a tender age.

In my opinion, the onus is on the police to find them and shut them down, arrest, tried and convict them and put them into prison where they belong.