Two British soldiers charged with terror offences

My Opinion
racist racism

According to a media report, three people, including two British soldiers have been, charged with terror offences, including being members of a banned neo-nazi group.

The group that is banned namely ‘National Action’ is described by the Home Office as racist, anti-semitic and homophobic. They became the first right-wing organisation to be prohibited under terrorism laws in December 2016.

In my opinion, the problems with incidents like these are that for every one or two people that have been, caught and charged others are taking their place.

Racism, fascism, antisemitic and homophobic views are part of our society, and we can put as many people in prison for their old opinions, but the problem will not go away until we learn how to educate people regarding those issues.

So long as individuals are groups believe that they are superior to everyone else and society demonstrate that these idiots are right then we do not have any chance of stemming the flow of bigotry.

Hatred and bigotry are, learnt, none of us is born with those behaviours. These hate groups need to recognise that they do not have the right to feel any superiority, which allows them to have an inhumane complex. All of us, irrespective of what society says are equal and the sooner they accept that we will have a fantastic world.