Rapper Nelly rape accuser wants case against him dropped

A media report, suggests that the 21-year old who accuse rapper Nelly of rape wants the case against him dropped.

Rape is, in my opinion, a disgusted think that can happen to anyone. To have your body violated by another person without your consent is heinous and those that inflict it on another should be, imprisoned for life.

Having said that I cannot understand why any woman would put themselves in a compromise situation, In a perfect world, no would mean no. But, why would you want to be on a tour bus of a musician at 3.45am and you are not a member of the crew. No one, especially a female believes a male invite you to visit him at that time of the morning for a cup of tea.

Once someone is, accused of rape, the stigma never goes away. If, you were, violated then irrespective of what the media, friends, enemies and families might say you will stick to your story like glue.

To say that she wants the case against Nelly dropped make her out, in my opinion, a liar, attention seeker, and someone that want her 15 minutes of fame.

It should not matter if the perpetrator of a rape crime is a celebrity or a plumber if they do the crime they should do time.  However, when women accuse an individual of rape if it is proven to be false, they create a situation where genuine rape victims are, not taken seriously. 

In my opinion, the police should investigate the allegations, and if found that she’s lying, then they should prosecute her for wasting police resources.