Grenfell Tower Block Fire, Was a Disaster Waiting to happen

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According to a media report, there are reports that so far 12 people has lost their life in the Grenfell Tower Block Fire which Explosionhappened yesterday.

Following this devasted fire, it has been alleged in the various media reports that the residents of this 24 storey housing block has been warning the local Council, and Management that this block is a fire hazard and if they do not take better safety precautions then there is a possibility that this block is a fire trap waiting to happen and now their concerned has been played out for the world to see.

It has been suggested that following renovations of the block residents repeatedly warned the local authority about the safety issues and all their warnings have been ignored by the council.  This is nothing new with Council across the country irrespective of how many times they are warned about a problem they are never proactive, it is always dealt with in a reactive manner and all that they will now say is that we were dealing with it.

How many more people have to die in these death traps they call homes before someone say enough is enough.  We understand that with the limited space in the Capital and the number of people on waiting list for housing that the authority has to find a way to house these individuals and tower blocks are one method of creating affordable housing for poor people.  However, there is no reason to cut corners they can make these homes extremely safe for the resident, make it so that should there be a fire they can safely exit the building.

Twelve families are in mourning today and if the media is to believe they are going to be more death bodies found after the cleanup, and I asked the question how long are we going to tolerate authorities playing God with our lives and our children future.

It sickens me knowing that these residents have tried over and over again to get someone to listen to the concerns they had about not just fire safety but all their other concerns regarding this tower block and no one listen and now 12 people life is snuffed out.

In the coming weeks when there is going to be an investigation into why these people lose their lives the authority will, in my opinion, do their utmost to cover up their blatant mistake, as they always do, it is always the same script but different cast.  Their lack of humanity has extolled a very high price and they should be ashamed of themselves and someone, after an investigation, should go to prison for their ridiculous inhumane attitude.