Hatred Against Jewish People – Put an end to it

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According to media report Anti-Semitic, hate crimes as risen by 11%  between January and June, in the UK and no-one seems to be able to Old caves on jewish cemetery of jewish Hebron quaterpinpoint the reasons as to why this is happening.

In my opinion, no one needs a reason for racial hatred, the perpetrators of these criminal activities do so because they are stupid and do not have the ability to live among anyone that have different valves from then.  They are bigoted people who can only see their way of life as the only way. 

The intolerance and prejudice that exist in society have gone completely out of control. Sections of our communities blame everyone else for their failings; it is either they are taking our job, housing, welfare, and anything else they attributed to others. 

Jewish people like Blacks have contributed so much to our society, and the Jewish people suffered enough at the hands of Hitler and to still have to face these negative prejudice in this century is ridiculous.

I have learned that people damage and desecrate other people’s property out of jealousy and hatred about something they do no understand and will not try to.  Desecrating Jewish property is infantile and shows how juvenile those that hate other people are.

It is not sufficient in this 21 century to say we condemn the rise in Anti-Semitic hate crimes; the Jewish community must be able to see that the government is taking this seriously and putting into place legislations that will effectively deal with the perpetrators of these heinous hate crimes.