Why do US Police Quick to Kill Blacks


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I believe that the killing of Blacks by US police is leftover from the remnants of slavery, and the perception of blacks during this disgraceful Police Officerperiod in history.

There is a slavery mentality that regards Black people life as less valuable than White. Therefore the taking of a Black life becomes commonplace.

Black people, especially young Blacks seen as aggressive, unlawful, drug dealers and criminals so they must be dealt with, with lethal force. Considering that all the stereotypical traits attached to Black is in every other community.

The fact that the majority of Blacks killed by police officers were unharmed seems to escape society.  Eight police officers died at the hands of Black men, and the outcry was unprecedented.

The stereotyping of Black people is not only happening in the US but also in the UK.  For example, UK police had stop and search, a power that allows the police officer to stop and search individual if they suspect someone carrying illegal drugs, weapons, stolen property, etc.

Black people were more likely to be stopped and search, in Dorset Blacks were 11.7 more likely to be stopped. The Equality and Human rights Commission go as far as saying in some parts of the country Black were 29 times more likely, to be stopped and searched.

In my opinion, in the UK we are facing institutional racism, and no matter how much legislation is put in place to combat racism you cannot stop individuals being racist.  

I would say that we are lucky in the UK because our police officers are not armed. However, there are some Blacks that have died in police custody.  

The only way that we are going to prevent the taking of Black lives is when the authority make these police officers accountable for their actions because it does not matter how it is put killing a whole person because of the colour of their skin, is murder