Police officer neglect work to pursue sexual relationship with crime victim

According to a media report, a 47-year old police officer was charged with misconduct and appeared at Birmingham Crown Court.

The article states that the PC allegedly neglected his police duties to pursue a sexual relationship with a crime victim. It was, also suggested that he deliberately without reasonable justification or excuse misconduct himself in ways that could amount to an abuse of the public trust.

In my opinion, a police officer should conduct themselves above reproach. Granted that they are human beings and are susceptible to making idiotic mistakes. However, some actions should never be taken by individuals that take an oath to serve and protect the public.

If we have no faith or trust in our police officers, our communities could fall into chaos. People who joined the police service should do so because they have integrity, dignity and above all to uphold the spirit and the letter of the law with honesty.

Unfortunately, too many have had questionable behaviour level against them. Some were, convicted of criminal acts. The actions of a few wayward police officers have affected the integrity of the police organisation.

But, it is of great comfort to the community that police officers that have broken the law are made to face the consequences, and the days or long gone when they could hide behind their badges whey they behave disgracefully.