High Court ‘Kick Out’ Conservative Benefit Cap

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The High Court has, according to media reports, dealt a blow to the Conservative benefit cap, by defeating the proposals.scales of justice

According to one of the Judge, this benefit cap would cause real misery for no good reasons.  Sometimes our Judicial system is the only way in which the electorate can get some kind of justice for the destitute in our society.

These Conservatives policies are designed to hurt and harm the poorest of our society, such as single parents, the disabled and basically all those that are facing already appalling living standards in their life. How can a government believe that a policy that creates homelessness, people relying on food banks to feed their families in this the 21st Century can be in the best interest of its citizen, in particular, those already on the breadline?

Government inept policies have already cause thousand of children to go deeper into poverty, they destroy families but still, they say to the public that ‘work’ is the best way to raise the standard of living.  Of course, we would all like to be employed and in jobs, but where are these jobs.  The concept of full employment in the UK, in fact anywhere in the world will never happen, this is a pipe dream that politicians use to justify their unpopular policies. 

Any decent society or government takes care of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged within our environment, one does not create policies that will plunge them further into extreme poverty. 

It is not a fluke that the Conservative party was battered at the last General Election, their policies are never aimed at pulling poor people out of poverty they are designed to keep the poor poorer and the wealthy much wealthier.

Please read the full story here on this callous act http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/benefit-cap-judicial-review-welfare-payments-government-loses-lawsuit-court-case-judge-misery-a7802286.html