Peckham – 16 Year old Stabbed to death

My Opinion

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These knife crimes are becoming more than the communities can take, it seems like young black men are losing their life from being knifestabbed and left for death.

Today another family is in mourning as the life of what is describe as a promising talented young man extinguished  I cannot believe the levels at how much we are losing our youth to knife crime, and I am furious. 

These incidents do not have to affect you personally, for you to feel angry and upset. I am beginning to wonder if these crimes were taking place within any other community, would the government tighten up knife crime. Has it gotten to a point where it his expected that young blacks are killing each other, and it is now an acceptable fact?

So far this year I believe there have been five young people died and the weapon of choice, knife.  

Why have young people do not have the ability to resolve their differences by discussing the issues, what makes them believe the only way out of a conflict is murdering another person?

I think the Devil is working overtime to capture the souls of these young people, and he’s winning hands down, given the criminal behaviour of these youths all that I can do is to pray that there is a change in the tone and attitude of these young people. 

My condolences go out to the family of the victim and trust they can find a way to cope with the devastation loss of a family member.  May the victim rest in peace, gone much too soon.