High Court overturned parole board decision to free a serial rapist

What was the parole board thinking? This convicted man preyed on vulnerable females uses ‘black cab’ as a means to rape so many women, and the parole board believes that after serving ten years he should be let back into our community.

The decision by the parole board, now overturned by the High Court, as affected so many people especially the victims. Apparently, the Chairman of the Parole Board resigned, and so he should. Their decision to free a serial rapist was appalling, disgusting and ill-thought-out.

We have a man convicted of 19 offences including rape, sexual assault and drugging. Police believe he committed crimes against 105 women between 2002 and 2008 when he was, caught, so what dramatic change had he made during his ten years in prison to warrant the Parole Board contemplating freeing him.

The victims who took the case to the High Court must be, applauded, not only were they assaulted by this monsters but the thought of him being, released on parole must have felt like they were being, attacked all over again.

How can society feel safe when we have an idiotic parole board that believes that it is appropriate to release serial rapist. Of course, some individuals have committed crimes and should be given the opportunity, through the parole system to turn their lives around, but that particular serial rapist is undoubtedly not one of them.