How do you recognise and identify with the Creator

Before I begin my prayer today, I need to clarify how one can identify and recognise the Creator.

There are so many people around the world that find it difficult to believe in God given the current state of the earth. Those who think that if you cannot see it or touch it, then it does not exist. Do we touch the breeze, of course not, but we know it is there because we can feel it?

Let me explain how easy it is to recognise the existence of God, and maybe my reader will take the time to think and understand that it is never difficult to know that the Creator is real.

Every morning that you awaken, every time you look out of your window and see the trees, and the flowers, swaying, hearing a baby cry, eating your food and looking in a mirror that is how you know that God is around you each day of your life. He made all those things possible, the rivers, the oceans, man’s ability to soar to great heights.

God manifests himself in every area of our life, and he talks to us each day, but to hear him, you have to listen with your hearts, minds, bodies and soul. Once you are, connected in that way then the greatness of God will become a part of your life always, and all things become possible irrespective of what your needs are.

Let us pray, Eternal Father and Everlasting God I come before you today in the knowledge that all things are possible with you. Please open the heart of the doubtful, take away their anguish and pain, lift them into your holiness, and plant their feet on higher ground.

Lord, I am asking you to heal the world heal all your fallen children give them hope and the ability to glorify your holy name.

Father, we thank you for this day, the rain, sun, moon and all of your creation, replenish our bodies and provide for those in need, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.