Prayer petition for compassion in the hearts of World Leaders

Dear Lord, I thank you for another day, knowing that there are others who have not, awaken today to praise your holy name and glorify in your fantastic creation.

Father, I come to you today with gratitude for the blessings that you have bestowed upon me and all your children. For the sick you have healed, the hungry you have fed, the naked you have given clothing, the homeless that you have put roofs over their head, the abused you have saved and those in financial debts that you have supply their needs, I thank you in the name of Jesus for those mercies.

Today Lord I would like to offer up a prayer petition for our world leaders. Take over their hearts, minds, bodies and souls, let them make the decisions that benefit all your people. Destroy any selfishness they possess let them know that you are the Great I Am and every breath they take is a privilege that you afford them and therefore, they must act in the interest of your people and not for their selfish and self-seeking attitude.

Eternal Father and Everlasting God, I pray that you will change the destructive ways of some of your children, especially those who rule over millions of innocent people. Lord today I am praying that you will listen to my voice and soften the hearts of the world leaders, lead them away from destructiveness into kindness and love for their fellowmen. Let them rule their nations with dignity, integrity and above all respect for each and everyone.

Lord Jesus, I offer up this petition to you now and always, in the knowledge that you can fix all that is, broken among your people, both believers and non-believers. Lastly, Father, please help me to make this message reach tens of thousands of people, so they know that there is some who knows all things are possible when you believe.

In your holy name, may the love of God surround and protect us because of the shedding of the blood of Jesus our Lord and Saviour, Amen?