Is Kanye West serious with the comments he made that he was ‘used’

My Opinion

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Unbelievable and downright ridiculous. According to a media article, Kanye West claims he was, used to spread, messages he doesn’t believe.

I am a firm believer in individuals right to choose what political party they support by our democratic process. However, I take exception to people, especially celebrities that publicly show their support for a particular individual then suddenly have a pang of guilt or whatever then turned around and said they feel used.

Kanye West being photograph hugging and laughing with President Trump is not a crime. What is ridiculous is days after is so-called Trump meeting he his tweeting that he was used to, spread messages that he doesn’t believe in and that his eyes are open now. Poppycock, he resides in the US, and he knows the mood of the American people when it comes to their President, so pallying with Donald Trump is something he chooses to do, now saying he believes in being used is a load of bull.

In my opinion, there is no way in which he can justify his highly publicised meet and greet with the President was anything other than a propaganda stunt and if he did not know that, then he needs a reality check. To believe that the public is stupid in thinking that he was not aware of the consequences of his actions, which is his right to do, then he his underestimating our intelligence.

I would have appreciated his decision if he had said that having met the President he changed his mind on some issues, which is also his right and the way democracy should work. But he made himself out to look rather stupid by saying he was, used.

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