Universal Credit disaster should embarrass the government

The 2013 introduction of this disastrous Universal Credit debacle should be an embarrassment to the Conservative government. They have inflicted a nightmare on claimants that will cause pain and suffering for many years.

According to media articles, the new benefits regime is causing those already living below the breadline to be pushed further into crippling debts. There do not seem to be any quick resolution to the problem. In the meantime, it is the most vulnerable of our society that is, caught between the government short-sighted method of keeping genuine claimants off the welfare system.

It angers me to know that we can elect a government with such callousness, who do not care about the electorate and will only jump out of their cocoon and pretend that they are doing something good for the vast majority as soon as an election is looming.

It would be naive of anyone to believe that we should not have changes in everything we do. But, a difference, especially in the welfare and benefits system should be positive and aim not just to improve the system but the lives of those who depended on fair distribution.

In my opinion, the creation of Universal credit was designed by the Conservative government as a way to negatively target claimants, push them off benefits, make it has difficult as possible so millions who need these benefits for survival will not bother to claim. It is a disgraceful and inhumane method that this government is using to destroy the lives of those already in poverty.

The combination of the six benefits into one Universal credit is according to media reports, not working and there are even former senior government advisors call for the process to halt until all the problems currently dogging the system can be, fixed effectively.

If media sources are to believe, there have been some people who have taken their lives rather than face the embarrassment of making claims under this new destructive system. If the government have any decency, dignity and humanity within them, they should call a halt to future roll out of this diabolical system until they fix the constant problems.

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