Human Life Is Sacred And Precious

The taking of a human life even in times of conflict is not something that should be, done lightly.

I am appalled at a media article regarding a former so-called ‘deadliest sniper’ in the US military. He apparently killed his first human being at the age of 18, describing some of his kills, as like “playing whack-a-mole”.

Granted, this individual was in the military, and of course, he saw the 33 Taliban that he killed as enemies. My disgust is that there does not seems to be any remorse for the taking of that life

In my opinion, we diminish our humanity when we can kill another human being regardless of the circumstances, and we are not saddened by what we did.

There is no doubt that in war people dies, and that is the price we pay. When we go to war with another country, our soldiers are there to win the war, protect their colleagues and their life at all cost, but what we do not have to do is boast or brag about a life taken.

I imagine that it takes a particular breed of individuals not to feel saddened by their acts, because if it is to believe significant numbers of soldiers that return from Iraq suffers from post-traumatic stress (PTS), because of what they see and experience during that conflict.