Too Many Young Racist, Bigots Roaming Our Streets

I do not know if it is the economic climate, media reports regarding immigration and illegal immigrants, that is continuing to fuel the fire of racist and bigoted behaviour, but it must stop.

Racism has been a counterproductive part of civilization and although we have come a long way to rectify some of the symptoms of racism the underlying trend remains, and it is now poisoning our young people.

A media report stated that two young Jewish ladies, age 15 and 16 had glass bottles thrown at them while, the perpetrator yelled at them, saying Hitler was a good man and it was good he killed so many Jews.

Apparently, the individual was, described as light-skinned ‘Black man’ in his early twenties.

I am appalled given the racism that minority people, especially Blacks suffered, for a Black person to be hurling racist and bigoted insults and comments to two young Jewish girls, is unbelievable and ridiculous.

It has been, said that hatred is not something we are born with, but something we learn and, if we are prepared to hate we can certainly be taught to love.

Racist needs to understand that their behaviour is ridiculous and all it does is drag them down to the lowest form of trash there is.

Scaring and making two young girls live miserable is downright disgusting, and I hope that he his caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.