Nine Years Of Abuse, How Could The Authority Ignore It?

sexual assault

This is the most horrific story of child abuse that I have ever come across and as a mother, I am disgusted that a child had to experience such horror.

An article in the media stated that a 26-year old won a five-figure payout from a local council.

Apparently, the person, who was born a girl, changed his name and identifies himself as a trans-masculine, was starved, beaten and raped by his stepdad over a 9 year period, made to rummage through bins for food and was handcuffed and locked in his bedroom.

The article suggested that his step-dad, who is now serving a 22-year prison sentence, passed him around to other paedophiles, by age seven he repeatedly tried to kill himself.

What I find revolting with this story is the fact that Social Services knew about the abuse for at least two years and did not take the child out of the house of horror. When he turned 16 and requested his records, which they had an obligation to send to him, they tried to block him acquiring the information citing that it would be bad for his mental health.

Unbelievable, the excuse that some authority can come up with, they knew his mother neglected him, so how can any decent, normal human being allowed a child to be treated in this way.  I am absolutely dumbfounded, amazed, traumatised,

I am absolutely dumbfounded, amazed, traumatised,  with a feeling of hopelessness, even though I could not have done anything to ease this child pain it still troubled me that our society, in particular, human beings has the capability to turn a blind eye to someone in desperate need.

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