Illegal Immigrant Kill 62 Year Old Carer

An illegal Egyptian national was jailed for life, with a recommendation that he serves 26 years, for killing a 62-year old carer who is known to be kind and peace loving.

The media reported that the 22-year old homeless illegal immigrant survives on the streets of the Capital by stealing food and clothing. He was bailed for shoplifting hours before he punched, kicked and stamped the 62-year old to death, then stole his cash and mobile phone.

Further media reports, stated that the illegal immigrant was caught time after time and was bailed and sent back into the community, he was known to use a false name which may have prevented the authority from connecting the dots.

However, I believe it is disgraceful that an illegal immigrant, who apparently sneaked into the country via Dover, was allowed to run around the city and finally cause the death of another. Incidents like these, once they come into the public domain they fuelled the anti-immigration stance among the electorate.

Every country has illegal immigrants and most of those illegals keep out of trouble and try to establish a better life from the ones they are running from, but a small percentage is a trouble and unfortunately, they are not easily identified until they commit heinous crimes such as murder. But, immigration and immigrants are a vital part of a civilised society and we cannot allow a few bad apples to destroy the whole tree.