Man Sent To Prison For Having Sex With His Friend’s Dog

A 38-year old man was sentenced to three years and two months prison term for admitting he had sex with his friend’s Labrador dog.

According to a media report, the court heard how the man allowed the dog to penetrate him over six times and he performed oral sex on the dog, he videoed his appalling activities and then shared the video.

The article also mentioned that police found 20 videos of the man having sex with dogs. The display of his sick fantasies prompted the Judge to tell him that he was a part of an ever-growing plague of men in this society, who presents themselves as men of integrity, honesty, and ethical family values, but behind closed doors, they concealed a very dark secret.

Not only did this man abuse his friend’s dog, but apparently, he trawled website that showed sexual degradation and abuse of babies and young children. An NSPCC Spokesperson said that the children in the pictures were victims of child abuse and horrific experience.

There is a suggestion that more needs to be done by government, internet providers, and law enforcement to cut these materials off at the source. Personally, I won’t hold my breath.

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