Liberal Democrats Support Cannabis Legalisation

According to a media article, the Liberal Democratic Party is to continue their support to have cannabis legalised.

The Leader of the party stated that there were severe adverse side effects from driving the drugs underground, a comment that many people will agree with.

I have believed that to prevent, criminals from controlling, the flow of cannabis, the government should legalise the use of the drugs. What are they afraid of, we legalise cigarettes and alcohol, and we know that overindulging in both can lead to health issues. But, the fact that they can be, bought legally, we do not see gangs killing each other to control alcohol or cigarettes.

In my opinion, gangs that traffic drugs will always kill each other for control of, what they perceived are their client base. The fact that cannabis is an illegal drug makes it much more appealing to individuals, that is our nature to want something that we cannot freely acquire.

There has been a shift around the world with regards to cannabis, and there are some places that are dispensing the drug for medical reasons. Apparently, there has to be something medically helpful in taking marijuana.

Sometimes the best way to deal with a problem is to face it head on and, I would support the Liberal Democrats in their efforts to have cannabis legalise.