Inadequate Cosmetic Clinics – Name them

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According to a media report, cosmetic surgery in England could be, named if they are not up to standard. 

Apparently, the government, on Monday is to set in motion an eight-week consultation to broaden the evaluation programme of cosmetic clinics;Plastic surgery this will be undertaken, by the Care Quality Commission.

I would assume that most cosmetic procedures are taken by individuals believing that it enhances their physical appearance in some case boost self-confidence.  Regardless, of why people choose to have cosmetic surgery they should, be assured that the facilities they use is of the highest possible standard.

The quality and safety of the patients must be paramount and any legislation or procedure that allows the creation of that environment must be safe for the users.  In my opinion, I do not want to hear that inadequate facilities ‘could be named’ they must be.

If potential users of cosmetic clinics have a guide to tell them which facilities are excellent, outstanding, inadequate or require improvement, potential users will be able to make informed decisions as to the clinic they will use.

Ratings and publishing of the results online will ensure that cosmetic clinics maintained the highest standards if they expect potential clients. It will not only improve safety, but the quality customers can come to expect from the facility of choice.