Transgender Woman Murder in Turkey – Barbaric

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irrespective of how many legislations that countries put into place to protect the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people there will always be Hate crime word cloudhomophobic, and that will take many years for some people to accept the rights of this group to exist.

We cannot be judge and jury over other people’s right to determine the manner in which they live their lives.  The same Bible that says a man should not lay down with another man as if lying with, a woman it the same that says thou shalt not kill.  In my opinion, the most important instructions from the Bible is leave all vengeance to me.

The killing of a transgender woman is Turkey is deplorable whether she is living a lifestyle that some people do not agree with or respect it was her right.  I cannot understand individuals or group believe it is their right to impose their self-righteous beliefs on others.

There is nothing to say that we all have to be alike have the same views, act in a similar way. Targeting people because of their religion, gender, creed, sexual orientation is disgraceful, and society is much poorer because of our bigotry.

Unfortunately, there is no report as whether she was murder because of being transgender or prostitution but, whatever the reason someone child lost their life and a family will be in mourning.  That is one of the aspects of murdering another human being that the individual or group that commit these heinous crimes do not take into consideration before they kill someone and then discard their body like trash.