Victim mother state,I want gun controls, not your prayers

The mother of the bar shooting victim who survived the Las Vegas massacre is calling for gun control, not prayers.

According to media reports, the mother whose son survived the Las Vegas shooting was one of the victims of the California bar massacre along with eleven others.

Her sentiments will reverberate across the world especially within the United States. US Citizens are fed up with the number of massacre across the country and the number of innocent lives that have been, lost as a result of these shootings.

As long as, in my opinion, the National Rifle Association keep a stranglehold over US political parties there are always going to be a continuous incident like California.

It is a 21st Century disgrace that a country such as the United States can tolerate the systematic slaughtering of innocent school children, festival attendees, partygoers etc., The idiotic government attitude behind gun control is pathetic and infantile it amounts to them being juvenile.

These so-called government officials that are hiding behind the 2nd Amendment never really witness the devastation to families who lost sons, daughters, wives, husbands, uncles, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. These stupid politicians are, far removed from the carnage, and therefore, they have no incentive to control guns, after all, they are not losing their family members.